Men’s World Cup Top 10 shots

Watch the Top 10 shots from the 2014 ITTF Men’s World Cup, presented by DHS!


World Cup final: Zhang Jike vs Ma Long

Video from the final of World Cup tournament between Zhang Jike and Ma Long


Men’s World Cup: Zhang Jike vs Timo Boll

Video from the match between Zhang Jike and Timo Boll from the 1/2 final stage of 2014 Men’s table tennis World Cup


Men’s World Cup: Quadri ARUNA vs ZHANG Jike 2:4

Video from the match between Quadri ARUNA and ZHANG Jike from the 1/4 final stage of 2014 Men’s table tennis World Cup


Bundesliga: Hugo Calderano vs Timo Boll 3:0

Video from the match between Hugo Calderano (Ochsenhausen) vs Timo Boll (Düsseldorf) from the Bundesliga table tennis championship.



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