2019 China Junior \u0026 Cadet Open Wu Yangchen vs Yuan Yuan

Take a look at the video from the latest table tennis match between Wu Yangchen and Yuan Yuan from 2019 China Junior \u0026 Cadet Open!

ITTF Nigeria Open 2019 Aruna Quadri vs Christian Ntumba Ngeleka

Below you could see a video from the table tennis match between Aruna Quadri and Christian Ntumba Ngeleka from ITTF Nigeria Open 2019!

2019 China Open (BEST MATCH) Lin Yun-Ju vs Wong Chun Ting

Have a look at the table tennis match between Lin Yun-Ju and Wong Chun Ting from 2019 China Open (BEST MATCH)!

2019 Ultimate Table Tennis Chuang Chih-Yuan vs Alvaro Robles

Video from the table tennis match between Chuang Chih-Yuan and Alvaro Robles from 2019 Ultimate Table Tennis!

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