Interview with Fan Zhendong

The interview is taken by TTD

Full Name: Fan Zhendong
Age: 16
Date Of Birth: 22nd January 1997
Club represented: Bayi in the Chinese Super League
Highest World Ranking: 9

Firstly Fan Zhendong, thank you for joining in on this interview here with TableTennisDaily. How are you finding your day today with Stiga? Do you enjoy coming to Sweden?

Hi, it is great to be in Sweden. This is my first time and I am enjoying the day, it is very fun and exciting travelling and meeting lots of new people. I am also looking forward to the World Tour this week.

What would you say you enjoy most about playing table tennis at such a high level?

I simply love playing table tennis. I love everything about table tennis!

Do you feel the pressure when playing in big important matches?

I actually use to feel the pressure a lot when I was younger, but now I have found a way to get use to it. After the last few years I have managed this well.

What do you put your success down to recently at the Polish and German Open?

The reason for my success recently is the step from the Chinese junior team to the Chinese senior team and the fantastic coaches I have. This has given me a fantastic self confidence and has helped me winning both the Polish & German Open.

Do you think you can go onto winning your third consecutive World Tour, the Swedish Open?

I feel I have a very good chance. There are a lot of good players going, I will give my best.

Fan, when did you realise you could be one of the best players in the world?

I have always thought i can be one of the best. Even since school, I believed everyday to become the best, this was my aim from a young boy. But recent I have actually realised I have what it takes.

What was it like when you started competing against the worlds best such as Zhang Jike, Ma Long and Xu Xin, was it difficult at the start to impose your game on them?

Yes at the start it was difficult because you always see these players on tv, and they are the best. At the beginning I found it hard and i was also nervous, but recently I have gained a lot of confidence and now play my best game. I have beat Zhang Jike twice now. I took Ma Long to the 7th set in the Chinese National Game and had lots of chances. I believe I can beat anyone now.

What is your ultimate goal as a table tennis player?

Originally I had one goal which was to make the Chinese National Olympic team. But now I have changed this to another goal. To win the Rio 2016 Olympics.

We wish you good luck in your quest to achieve your goal! Thank you for all the support, I wish you good luck.

Thanks for your time Fan.