Interview with Konstantinos Papageorgiou, European Team vice-champion !

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1. Congratulation for your results in European Championships, in Team, you won the silver medal, the first medal for Greece ! What do you feel about this?

I am very happy that we finally managed to win a medal in team events ! And I feel 2 times happier cause I helped my team to do that !!! I mean in the past, I had the change to be on the bench as a 4th player, it would’t be the same thing for me.

I want to start from 2 years earlier, when the European League started ! Cause we managed to stay in 1st division and have a chance for a medal in our last match against Hungary!

Everybody have forgotten this!

If we had lost this match (where I lost to Adam Pattantyus 3-2 even though I was always leading) we would fight in 2nd division in Austria. So we were happy to compete in 1st division where I believe we belong.

2. You began the competition with a victory against Czech Republic 3-1, and in quarter-Final against Portugal, what an encounter! You beat the World number 36, Tiago Apolonia, in five wonderful games ! How was this match for you? Did you feel confident, or was it stressful?

We started the competition against Czech Republic, it was not so good for us, cause in the past we rarely win this team but we knew we had our chances. I was surprised that I had to play to Petr Korbel, and the match started very good, after Kreanga won Sirucek. But, when Gionis lost, our confidence was not so good.

Anyway my experience helped me stay focus in every single point against this great player and when I won I was sure Gionis would “finish” the match. I didn’t expect to be so competitive against Tiago. I had never played him and I thought he would be very strong for me. But, I started good and when I saw that he was quite nervous I believed I could win.

The team score was tight (1-1) and it was their 1st match in the competition so, these worked in my favor.
And then Gionis against Marcos was really hard also, I believe that if I had lost maybe Gionis would loose also!

3. In semi-Final, better than the quarter, you and your teammates were led 0-2 against Belarus, you led 2-0 against Evgueni Chtchetinine for the 3th match, and won only 11-9 in the 5th! The pressure was at it’s maximum, didn’t it?

Surprisingly no! We were very happy that to be in semis, and we wanted to enjoy our matches.
Anyway after Gionis first match against Platonov and the way Kalinikos lost to Samsonov nobody believed in us!
I think they were a little relaxed also cause normally Samsonov would win Gionis in 4th match.

4. In Final, you met Germany, and especially Patrick Franziska, you lost 3-1, as your team. Even if you finished runner-up, what do you think about your team competition?

We knew Germany is unbeatable and I think our first goal was to be competitive and enjoy the final! But during the match we started believing in the “miracle”. It was 1-1 and my match against Patrick started really tight
unfortunately he managed to “open” the game after 2nd set and I had no luck after that!

But once again Gionis was playing fantastic and was really close against Dimimitrij. If he had managed to win this match Kreanga would play against Steger for the cup, this would be a very interesting match !

5. What rubbers and blade did you use for this competition?

Anyway, my equipment is Tibhar, Stratus Samsonov carbon and 1Q (forehand) and Speedy Soft (backhand).