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ryuseunginterviewFull Name: Ryu Seung Min
Age: 30
Date Of Birth: 05 August 1982
Height: 177cm
Club represented: TTF Ochsenhausen and in korea I play for Samsung
Highest World Ranking: 2

Equipment – Peter wants to know what do you use? Butterfly

Blade: Ryu Seung Min G-Max
FH Rubber: Tenergy 05
BH Rubber: I don’t have a backhand rubber

Your career

How long have you been playing table tennis for, when did you start?

I started 23 years ago at age of 8

EditingSports asks, Who has been the biggest influence on your career?

My family

Svttc asks, How did it feel when you beat Wang Hao in the 2004 Olympics?

I had lots of confidence as I approached the match. Before the Olympics I had very good training I believe this helped.

What did you do the night you won the 2004 Olympics? Can you remember?

I slept that night because I had blood doping control

Yosua Yosan asks, What is your major goal in your lifetime career in the sport of table tennis?

My major goal throughout my career has been to achieve an Olympic gold medal.

Ryu Seung Min – Photo by: Reuters

RubinTM asks, Who is the toughest opponent you have ever faced on the international circuit?

For me it has to be the Chinese players

ttmonster asks, What is the biggest regret of your playing career, if you have any?

I have no regrets

How come you are not attending this years WTTC Ryu?

I don’t play for the national team anymore that is why.


TerIphik – Hi, I would like to know if the material (rubbers and blades) of professional players is the same to the same material as we (nonprofessional) buy in table tennis shops?

I think there is a little difference yes.

Filip asks,What is the difference between you in 2004 when you were at your top level and now?

Now all players have better technique and move faster. Lots of players have a higher quality on their shots. My style needs a lot of movement and power. 10 years ago I had the best footwork and was able to move fastest with most power, now I am a little slower than back in 2004.

Yosuayosan, Has the glue ban affected your style of play?

Of course, however for every player it is the same. But for my playing style I feel I have been effected a great deal.

jedimasterplk asks: Why do pro’s like tenergy so much – what differentiates it from other rubbers

This is a difficult question to answer. I cannot compare but if you look so many players use Tenergy, even players who are sponsored by other companies.

Have you tried the new ball that will be in place in July 2014? What are your thoughts on changing the ball?

I have not tried the new ball yet. I don’t know if there is a big difference or not at the moment sorry.

Table Tennis in general

RubinTM asks, Why do you think penholders are less common in the modern game?

This is because the penhold style is a huge defect against the shakehand. If a player is to choose penhold they will play the Chinese style as you have a more free backhand.

Sali asks,I have noticed that you are now trying to play with your backhand, do you think this will aid you when playing against the Chinese?

No I just use my backhand against the Chinese to keep me in the rally. If I don’t use my backhand it is so very difficult. My style is so difficult.

derekho asks,Why did you choose to play in the style you play and have you ever considered trying the reverse pen hold backhand?

I always considered to play backhand but when I was young I chose pen. During the time Kim Taek Soo and Yoo Nam Kyu were the top players in the world so I followed them.

PingPongPom asks,What was it that made you consider moving to Ochsenhausen to start playing in the German league and how are you enjoying the competition so far?

I chose the club because it is a very professional organization for the player. I have been playing for 8 months and I really enjoy it and have a good time.

Ochsenhausen – Photo by: ETTU

pingpingpongpong asks, Have you ever thought about participating in the Chinese Super League or do you prefer European leagues more?

I like both leagues. I think Europe’s league has a more professional setup. But the Chinese League has more stronger players and more spectators.

What languages do you speak?

Korean and a little English.

RubinTM asks, Who do you expect to win the 2013 WTTC?

I expect Ma Long or Xu Xin will win.


Iczy asks, Your style is highly praised for your footwork speed is this the result of hard training or a natural trait you were born with?

For my style it’s very important I move fast, because of this I have always trained very hard on my footwork every day.

Who or what was the inspiration for your amazing footwork?
All past penhold players.

What kind of physical exercises do you do practice for your footwork?

I do a lot of quick speed running mixed with long distance running. I also do a lot of footwork practice in the training hall.

Who do you think has better footwork than you? (past or present players)

I think Ma Lin and xu Xin

EditingSports asks,What keeps you motivated to train hard all the time?
To have a successful table tennis life.

How often do you train?
Now I train 2 times a day.

What do you practice the most? What aspect is most important in the game table tennis?

I think most important is Concentration.


Super Chopper asks, If you don’t mind Ryu, which players do you find playing difficult against in the top 30 in the world?

All the Chinese players & Timo Boll

Which Chinese player is your favourite to play against?

Ma long

Joelstar asks: What warm ups do you do before a game to get you ready to compete?

Just simple run & stretching

Gauravvrak – Whats your mind strategy when you are 2-0 down. What do you think to have the belief to get back into the match?

Just to focus on the next set. I don’t think about the past set.

Do you watch yourself and opponents on youtube?


Editing Sports asks, What’s your best match ever?

2007 World Championship Semi Final against Wang Liqin.

Off the topic questions

Who’s the most famous person you know through table tennis?

Jan Ove Waldner.

Who’s your favorite sportsman of all time?

Michael Jordan

Favorite film?

Iron man

What car do you drive?

Bmw x5

What’s your favorite music?

Dance music

What do you do in your spare time other then table tennis?

Just rest or watch movies

Do you eat well or eat junk good?

I can eat everything. Sometimes I eat junk food

Have you browsed the website before?

Not yet

Your team mates

Who’s the funniest player in the training hall?

Kirill Skachkov

What is your motto in training?

Just focus on the table

Who trains the hardest in the training hall?

The young players.

Who has the best nickname?

I don’t know

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