Interview with Xu Xin

The interview is taken by TTD

Full Name: Xu Xin
Age: 23
Date Of Birth: 08 January 1990
Height: 1.81m
Club represented: Shanghai in the Chinese Super League
Highest World Ranking: 1

Firstly Xu Xin, thank you for joining in on this interview here with TableTennisDaily. How are you finding your day today with Stiga? Do you enjoy coming to Sweden?

Hi, It’s really nice thanks it feels like a second home here in Sweden. Everyone is very welcoming and I enjoy how relaxed it is.

Whats it like being a Stiga player, how do you find the equipment and what are your reasons for changing from the Stiga Rosewood to Stiga Intensity?

I really like the Stiga blades. They have exceptional feeling and balance. I changed from Rosewood to Intensity because I felt I needed more control in my service and receives. With the Intensity I feel I can get more arc on the ball which is important in my game.

Obviously we know how hard you guys train and how tough your schedule is but what would you say is the toughest part of being a professional table tennis player?

I find the most challenging thing is trying to improve. It is very hard to find new ways to get better. It can be difficult to try and get that extra edge over opponents looking for new means to play the game.

Do you think in the next 10 years the penholders will be disappeared off the Top 10 players in the world?

Yes this is a pity. I feel lots of players are being taught in school the shakehand way and not the penhold way. There is so much knowledge in China to develop penhold players, It is a shame, because penhold players can have cool unique styles which make the sport interesting. I think I will be the only penhold player left in the top 10 world rankings soon. The trend in China is shakehand.

What is your ultimate goal in table tennis Xu Xin?

Haha of course to be Olympic Champion!

We wish you good luck in your quest to achieve your goal! Thank you for all the support, I wish you good luck.

Thanks for your time Xu!