Interview with Zhang Jike

Have a look to this interview got by with Zhang Jike. He talks about his personal life, women and many more:

Q: Aside from table tennis, we all know that Zhang Jike is also a fan of football. What could be the position he would want?

A: I cannot be the forward. I can be a good goalkeeper. Otherwise, I will be a midfielder, Zico’s position.

Q: What perfume do you use?

A: I just changed. I cannot say it, its a secret (smiles). Okay, I will reveal it, its called Naked Men.

Q: Why do you always have colds?

A: Too tired. After a big competition, there is no time for rest. Now, there is the Super League and we are always on the run.

Q: What kind of woman do you like?

A: Her hair shouldn’t be long nor short. Not too thin. About 168 (cm). Sensible. Virtuous. No need to be too beautiful.

Q: What is your message to your fans?

A: Thank you for all your support. And during autograph signing, please don’t get too crazy. It would be better (smiles).

Q: Why do you always wear Crocs?

A: Its convenient. Just slip them on and your good to go.

Q: What is your biggest goal as of now?

A: The second Grand Slam of course.

Q: What is the most exaggerated thing that happened in your life?

A: It would be now. I never thought that a lot of people will ask me questions. Very exaggerated.

Q: Aside from table tennis, what else do you like to do?

A: Driving.

Q: Last year, you raised a chameleon. How was it?

A: I let my friend take care of it.

Q: Who do you want to pair with in the transnational pairing for the Mixed Doubles?

A: Tie Yana.

Q: What are you most afraid as of now?

A: Injuries.

Q: Will you name your son Zhang C Luo?

A: No (laughters).