Latin America Cup – Day 2 Results

Women’s Singles (Qual Groups): Gremlis Arvelo VEN vs Idalys Lovet CUB 4-2
Women’s Singles (Qual Groups): Paulina Vega CHI vs Estefania Ramirios ESA 4-3

Women’s Singles (Qual Groups): Lady Ruano COL vs Ana Codina ARG 4-2
Women’s Singles (Qual Groups): Katherine Low CHI vs Andrea Estrada GUA 4-2

Men’s Singles (Qual Groups): Jorge Campos CUB vs Emil Santos DOM 4-0
Men’s Singles (Qual Groups): Pablo Tabachnik ARG vs Josue Donado ESA 1-4

Men’s Singles (Qual Groups): Alberto Mino ECU vs Heber Moscoso GUA 4-0
Men’s Singles (Qual Groups): Daniel Gonzalez PUR vs Allan Gutierrez GUA 3-4

Women’s Singles 1/8: Caroline Kumahara BRA vs Lady Ruano COL 2-4
Women’s Singles 1/8: Gremlis Arvelo VEN vs Paula Medina COL 4-3

Women’s Singles 1/8: Lin Gui BRA vs Paulina Vega CHI 3-4
Women’s Singles 1/8: Katherine Low CHI vs Yadira Silva MEX 1-4

Men’s Singles 1/8: Hugo Calderano BRA vs Josue Donado ESA 4-1
Men’s Singles 1/8: Eric Jouti BRA vs Jorge Campos CUB 4-1

Men’s Singles 1/8: Allan Gutierrez GUA vs Alberto Mino ECU 0-4
Men’s Singles 1/8: Andy Pereira CUB vs Marcos Madrid MEX 2-4

The results are taken from the site of ITTF.

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