Richard Prause: Bundesliga will be very interesting

You have a lot of experience as a player and coach in the Bundesliga. Are you still interested in the Bundesliga?

AP: “I have a lot of personal and professional interest in following the Bundesliga. Our interest in the Academy is in the best international leagues. And besides the Russian and French Leagues, the Bundesliga is one of the leagues, we follow, of course. Surely, the Bundesliga is one of the strongest in the World.”

In the Academy, there are also players who play in the Bundesliga…

AP: “The Portuguese player Joao Monteiro, for example, who played last season for Saarbrücken, is part of our training group. And Adrian Crisan of Werder Bremen also train regulary with us.”

Which are the strongest clubs in the new season?

AP: “Borussia Düsseldorf. They have a professional environment, a very strong team and a good medicine team. But we must wait how Christian Süss’s injury goes I think that the next strong team is Ochsenhausen. They have a real number one with Ryu Seungmin. With Simon Gauzy, they also have a interesting player of the new European generation. And Werder Bremen can start this season with confidence. They follow the motto “never change a winning team” and are the hot favorite for the title this season. We also have to count on Plüderhausen. I’m curious to see how the clubs works with a combination of experience and youth.”

You said that Simon Gauzy will be an interesting player in the Bundesliga. Who else could give a good surprise in this season?

AP: “I consider Simon Gauzy a talented player. He already caused sensation after reaching the third round in Paris. We will hear more about him. Then there are also top players such as Timo Boll, Chuang Chih-Yuan or Adrian Crisan, who will show their superiority again. Besides, I’m curious to see how Kim Jung Hoon of Plüderhausen will play. He said that he isn’t part of the main team of South Korea anymore, so he will be able to focus on the League.”

Will you see some live Bundesliga match?

AP: “Yes, sure. But I travel a lot, so the Internet broadcasting is very useful for me, because I can watch matches online. I have talked to Bundesliga’s manager Nico Stehle and maybe I would be able to comment in a match.”

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